June 2024 Study Summary

From now on, I'm going to post a summary at the end of each month detailing what I was focused on learning that month. Here is my summary for June.


9 days - Precalculus maths

1 day - Python

3 days - OpenCV and Pillow (computer vision libraries in Python) 

1 day - Google Colab

9 days - Deep Learning in PyTorch in Colab (regression, classification, CNNs)

2 days - LangChain and HuggingFace

5 days - GANs in PyTorch in Colab (DCGAN, WGAN-GP and CycleGAN)

I've completely deviated from my original six month study plan, in which I wasn't going to get to deep learning until September, yet alone CNNs or GANs. So treating myself to a rare day off today!

Thanks for following my journey.