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Welcome to my blog! So what's it about? I was a fashion photographer for 15 years, based in London. But from May 2024, after fulfilling a lifetime ambition and travelling for over a year, I was ready for a complete change. I quit my photography business and moved to Nottingham, a city I love, in order to study AI and machine learning full-time, as well as other technical skills. I have been obsessed with AI ever since DALL-E and Midjourney allowed me to create my dream photoshoot images that would be impossible or too expensive to take in real life. Generative AI is my passion now. Its possibilities have already transcended those of real-life photography, and it's improving at an incredible rate. My new life involves studying full-time, six and a half days a week. I am following a study plan generated by Anthropic's Claude, and am ambitiously trying to do it in half the time. There is a formidable list of skills I want to learn, including a lot of advanced mathematics. Bu

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